figure skating

As a former National level competitive skater the sport of Figure Skating runs in my blood! I have had a passion for the sport since the young age of 6 when I started competing. I had the pleasure of representing the province of Saskatchewan at countless Sectionals, one Saskatchewan Winter Games, several Western Canadian Championships, 2 Junior National Championships (Pre-Novice and Novice level) and 2 National Championships (Junior level). 

My passion then lead me to continue in the sport by working with skaters in an off-ice setting. Combining my vast personal experience in the sport along with my knowledge and experience with human anatomy and biomechanics. I will work with the skater to provide a hands on innovative approach to teaching proper jumping technique that will help them gain jumping consistency and success! 

 Private Jump Training
30 minute private sessions that will help each skater out with specific jumping patterns that need to be addressed based
off of assessments and video monitoring. Specific strategies will be taught off ice and will be easily implemented to on ice
practice as well. Body awareness and an understanding of each body part and each muscle are the main components
to an improved jumper!

Package Options:

4 session - $160+tax
8 sessions - $280+tax

12 sessions - $360+tax

24 sessions - $600+tax(BEST VALUE) --> Only $25.00/Session!

Club Workshops

As a Skate Canada - Starskate 1 trained coach as well as a Certified Personal Trainer I have put both my passion for the sport of Figure Skating as well as my passion for biomechanics and movement quality together into one all encompassing Workshop.

Workshops are totally customizable based on your clubs/skaters specific needs but can include all aspects of the following:

1. Off ice warm-up
2. Off ice jump technique sessions
3. Off-ice conditioning sessions
4. On- ice jump technique sessions
5. On-Ice conditioning sessions
6. One on one lessons to focus on a skaters individual needs