personal training

All prices are subject to a 5% GST charge.
Personal Training

Your choice of 30 or 60 minute strength and conditioning sessions tailored to your specific sport or lifestyle goals. A 20-30 minute consultation meeting will be scheduled prior to all Personal Training bookings! I will work with you to both enhance movement patterns and implement a sustainable program that you will enjoy doing for a long time to come.

*The following pricing structure will be in effective as of July 1st, 2019.                   

60 MINUTE PACKAGES:                      

8 sessions          - $70.00/Session  ($560+tax)                         

12 sessions        - $65.00/Session  ($780+tax)

24 sessions        - $60.00/Session  ($1,440+tax) (BEST VALUE)  --> Only $240+gst/mth based on 1 day/week!    

30 MINUTE PACKAGES:                        
8 sessions          - $40.00/Session  ($320+tax)                        
12 sessions        - $35.00/Session  ($420+tax)

24 sessions        - $30.00/Session  ($720+tax) (BEST VALUE) --> Only $120+gst/mth based on 1 day/week!


Group Training (2-3 people)

1 hour strength and conditioning sessions tailored to the group's overall goals.

*All prices are per person rates


8 sessions          - $50.00/Session

12 sessions        - $45.00/Session

24 sessions        - $40.00/Session (BEST VALUE) --> Only $160+gst/mth based on 1 day/week!

The Edge Online Membership

This monthly membership is a total custom training program that will be provided to you in the form of remote training, this includes a private folder including your program, corresponding pictures and videos and additional training and technique resources. We will work together to set check in days and review days in order to continue to provide you proper progressions to your program along the way. This is not a simple package purchase and I send you on your way, you are hiring me as your trainer and we will work as a team throughout each month to give you the positive experience you are searching for.

You will work personally with me with my Brand New Membership Program - The Edge Online Membership. I will develop a custom fitness program (none of those cookie cutter plans!) for you based on your needs, wants, goals and equipment availability. YOU DO NOT NEED TO LIVE IN SASKATOON TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS PROGRAM!!

We will work one on one together to:
--> Learn how to properly set and achieve your goals
--> Learn proper weight lifting and workout technique to get the most out of your workouts 
--> Work through a fitness plan in phases 
--> Gain workout consistency by doing workouts you Love!
--> Improve overall mental and physical health

--> Learn what it takes to improve your health and fitness for a lifetime, no quick fixes or harsh diets!

Membership Cost:

$120.00+tax per month (Minimum 2 month commitment)